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Products & Services
Metals and Chemicals Technology's products and services are divided into a few main areas. These business partnerships in diversity gives an increased value to our product range and therefore providing customers with a more complete solution. Our products and services include:

A) Engineering

Design, engineering and manufacturing of Hot Dip Galvanized Plants & Automatic Spinning Installations.
• Turn Key Hot Dip Galvanizing plants
- Furnaces, Kettle, Enclosures

- Pre treatment bath, piping, storage tanks
- Logistic systems, cranes, mono rails
- Environmental technology: gas scrubbers, filters, acid recovery systems, rinse- and flux treatment & treatment of degreasing bath

- Training
- Process monitoring
- Management Information System
• Automatic and semi automatic spinning lines
• Turn key powder coating lines
• Turn key galvanic lines
• Turn key anodizing lines
• Turn key wire lines
• Turn Key Continuous sheet galvanizing lines

B) Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals for Metal Surface Treatment
• Chemical cleaning - the process of immersing steel in chemical solvents to remove (dissolve) residues.
• Caustic cleaning - the cleaning of steel in a solution with high alkalinity.
• Acid Degreaser – no dumping system
• Additives – such as inhibitors to enhance the life span of the chemicals
• Flux – Zinc Ammonia Chloride
• Passivators – Chromate Free
• Special chemicals can be tailor made to a particular product line

C) Kettles & Boilers

Galvanizing / Lead Kettles
• The manufacture of kettles, pots, pans, lead pans for the hot dip galvanizing industry and other hot dip coating and wire industries.

D) Steel Plants

• Turnkey /Partial Solutions and supply of parts for hot and cold rolls steel plants